Sample pages of a feature I am currently still working on. That's What I'm Talking About !!! follows best friends Lou Zagoda and Tony King through the course of three decades and their growth and change as struggling artists in the film industry. 

Sample for World Coming, a series of shorts set in New York following various characters with a loose connection to a degenerate pawnbroker. 

His Only Romance follows Paddy Ghazawii and a mosaic of past and current lovers told through glimpses of memory. This is a sample scene which occurs early in the story. 

Full length screenplay for And the Boys Go (2018), a coming of age set in an uncharted forest following four friends on their final days of summer before embarking new experiences, apart. Together they navigate through the freedom of responsibilities and first world problems often stressed in their typical adolescence.

The screenplay for Pronto, a short film immensely inspired from blaxploitation cinema. Set in the night of the inner city, two criminals and lovers pursue a burglary gone wrong. Their attempt for escape and survival intertwines with a hired gun-man who's loyalty is tested by the greater green of the stolen sixty thousand dollars . . . tax free

Winner of the Match Factory Screenwriting Competition of 2016, Real Hurt Street (in development) follows Abel, who recounts certain moments of his adolescence domineered by the presence of Pops, a man of inner turmoil and rage. This screenplay only features an early draft of a scene titled 'Good Sauce'

The screenplay for This Man, Roy Harris, a black and white comedy set in Gowanus, Brooklyn. This short story follows Roy Harris, a lonesome and failed comedian who meets his half brother, Rollo Holford for the first time from a site discovering long lost relatives.

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